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Branding & Brand Design  |  Co-designer with Nikita Braggs  |  Freelance  Project

CurviCare is an endeavor of love founded by leading industry professionals who have made it their life’s mission to help women achieve their goals of sustained health and well-being. Formerly known as WellWoman Weightloss Clinic, the brand's name and identity were not reflective of their vision and rapid growth. With a focus on women, their famed Desi Diet shuns popular fads and relies on the tried and true fundamentals of Indian home cooking that are inherently nutritious and promote overall health. Through the rebrand, we hoped to evoke a sense of happiness and contentment that come with taking charge of one's health, a far cry from the misery associated with compulsively tracking numbers on a scale. The identity and brand language have been designed with utmost care to reflect support on this journey and to create a community with a common purpose. It shifted the gaze from the results to the process. The messaging was designed to be bright and bold to imbibe the full potential of a strong and healthy woman.

Role & Skillset  |  ​Competitive Audit & Naming, Brand Direction, Brand Visual Language, Identity Design, Brand Guidelines & Book

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