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Brand Audit  |  Co-strategist with Astha Avinash, Hannah Korn, Alison Mansfield  |  SVA Student Project under Elizabeth Talerman, Shazeeda Bhola & Gena Cuba

Quibi was an American short-form streaming platform that launched in 2020. It generated 10-minute bite-sized content for viewing on mobile devices and despite its initial promise, was forced to shut down in 6 months. The failure of Quibi was attributed to numerous reasons: ill-timing due to COVID-19, its rigid adherence to mobile-only devices, its uncompetitive business model that did not take into consideration other free offerings in the category, and ultimately a lack of understanding of the needs of its core audience. Our challenge was designed across two sprints: First, identify opportunities in the zeitgeist for Quibi; Second, identify an audience who would potentially need the aforementioned opportunity, and find the alignment between their needs and how Quibi can serve them. Our research showed that today's cultural landscape is overflowing with the desire for flexibility. From how we work, to the products we use and the ways in which we express ourselves — no longer do people want to be limited to the binaries of choice. Can Quibi then cater to this state of limbo we exist in?

Cultural Audit, Trend Analysis, Implications, Consumer Interviews & Insights, Audience Definition, Opportunities

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