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Creative Campaign Strategy | Co-strategist with Alex Gilkey, Dan Azic, Yaren Kaya under Tosh Hall  |  SVA Student Project


Historically, Starbucks always sought to become the third place for its customers — a space between work and home where one could sit back and enjoy the finest coffee in a premium environment.


Over the last few years, however, Starbucks regressed toward a less-than-hospitable environment for its people. It is moving away from its classic café experience to one of pure convenience. How can Starbucks safeguard 50 years of earned loyalty and once again become a welcoming experience?


We propose that Starbucks use its most identifiable equity, its logo, to symbolize its creation of a safe harbor. Harkening back to its nautical origin story, the green dot becomes a beacon that invites you in when you most need it. 

Desk Research & Analysis, Campaign Strategy & Implications

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